Employees Recognized for Consistently Exceeding Expectations

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Stephanie Garcia
Reception/AP/Payroll Coordinator
Mountain View Convalescent Hospital

Stephanie is an excellent team player. Her consistency and ability to juggle several responsibilities at one time make her an indispensable part of the Mountain View Convalescent Hospital family. There are few employees who interact with as many different individuals in and around the facility. At the front desk she works with vendors, visitors, employees, families and patients. She is the first MVCH employee that most people meet. Stephanie is an effective listener and communicator and can always be counted on to provide excellent customer service. Stephanie’s AP/Payroll responsibilities require a different skill set which she has mastered equally well. She maintains a positive and cheerful attitude and is always smiling. During stressful situations, Stephanie remains calm and is proactive in working as part of the team in finding solutions.