Testimonial from a resident about employee Sophia Bell

Testimonial about Jesse, CNA who was always there when this patient needed her

Testimonial from a patient commending the rehab care they received

I want to recognize Josefina Mendoza. She makes sure that my dialysis, catheter, and tubes never get wet when she bathes me. She cleans out my closet and drawers. She always gets me up in time for activities. She is a very nice lady. She is a very good CNA. She is always cheerful. I am always glad when she is my CNA. ~ Sonia H. ~

I want to thank Tony for being such a great nurse with me. For taking good care of me and the others. ~ Shirley F. ~

I want to thank Jose in the kitchen for making my special food. He is a great chef. Thank you. ~ Wendy K. ~

Sophia, Thank you very much for all of your assistance while I was in the hospital. Your kindness, your smile, and your wonderful spirit were very much appreciated. Thank you. ~ Camille B. ~

I want to recognize Vickie Camacho (CNA) for being such a great nurse to me. She is a very responsible person and also a very funny person and always makes me feel good. ~ Petra B. ~

Mountain View Rehab Center Nurses Station 3, A special Thank you to the Rehab teams. P-T: Alston, Heather, Sheila, and last but not least, Vianzon, you were all great but the Gold Medal must go to “Red” who took me from prone position to upright. O-T: Aya, Janelle, and Gerald, Thanks Gerald for finding a wheelchair that was comfortable. Aya and Janelle who both get so excited when I accomplish any tiny thing. Both teams were incredible, and I believe the best in South California. Thank you again! ~ Gerda G. ~

Dear Mountain View Staff, I would like to take this time to express my gratitude and thank you for all your help and your assistance in helping me get well. Special thanks to my nurses, Liliana, Tina, and Laura for always having a smile and willing to help me when needed. I am so grateful. Thank you all Mountain View Staff. You are all awesome! I will miss all of you. ~ Aurora C. ~

Dear Jeff, Since I have been a patient of this facility, I have had nothing but tender loving care. The staff have been very kind and patient, and thoughtful. I especially want to bring to your attention the kindness and service of Isabella Valdez. She enters the room with a smile and seems to know what I need. She is always cheerful and she makes me feel as though she really cares. That means the world to me. I just wanted to let her know that I appreciate the attention and she is so special. ~ Betty C. ~

“Thank you for your kindness and dedication caring for our mother. Warmest Regards.” ~ Linda and Gary H. ~

“I want to recognize Vickie in activities because she always has a smile on her face. She always comes in the morning to say “Good morning” and checks on how I’m doing. She keeps activities moving with games and puzzles. I thank her for pushing me and for cutting my meat to small pieces. I thank her for her great personality in the facility. Thank you!” ~ Jeff W. ~

“I want to recognize Teresa Ramos, CNA, for her good attitude. Smiling all the time and making all the residents feel good. She always comes in early, gives residents showers and she always gives good showers. She’s always watching out and being aware of the resident’s safety, always looking over them so they won’t fall. She’s always asking the residents if they are doing okay. She goes to the kitchen when necessary. She’s an excellent nurse. I really appreciate her hard work. There should be more nurses at Mountain View like her. Thanks!” ~ Jeff W. ~

“I want to recognize Vicente Galicia, CNA, for a wonderful job he does every day he;s here at Mountain View. He’s a very hard working man. He’s also very respectful with me and also very responsible. I’m very happy to have him as my nurse. My family is also very happy for how he takes care of me. We really appreciate all his hard work with me and others. He also worries when I get sick. For me, he;s one of the best nurses here at Mountain View. Nurses like him deserve to be recognized. Thanks!” ~ Bertha G.~

“I want to recognize Sandra in Activities for always being so sweet with me. She’s always with a smile on and she’s always helping me get to activities on time. She’s one of the sweetest girls here at Mountain View.” ~ Irene E. ~

“The Mountain View Rehab Facility got me back on my feet walking normally again. Just meeting people like you made the whole experience worthwhile.” ~ L.K. ~

“The nurses were wonderful and my orthopedist even commented on how great they were. Mountain View also has outstanding nursing assistants who helped me adjust to the changes and took great care of me. The dietary supervisor went out of her way to arrange meals to my liking and the activities staff came to my room and painted my nails during a period where I couldn’t leave the room. The main reason I chose Mountain View was the Rehabilitation Department – and it was excellent. I came in on a gurney and returned home using a cane. I owe you all so much.” ~ G.B ~

“I want to thank the entire Mountain View staff for making my short-term Rehabilitation program a reality. The therapy and nursing teams believed in me even more than I believed in myself. Eternally grateful for all your help in assisting me to get back home.” H.L. ~